Guillotine Glass Systems are automatic and manual glass panes with unique vertical working characteristics. Guillotine Glass Systems are used as window or glass railing in the door, inside space as window or rail.

The guillotine glass system is modified to suit the intended use.

The glass properties and profile options used meet the heat insulation expectations at a high level. Guillotine glass carrier materials provide high level safety and security.

All guillotine glass systems use special designed Italian trigger belts or steel rope mill cylinders. Tube engine systems can be used in 3 different brands. There is 2 years’ service and parts guarantee.

Besides the known window methods, it moves vertically at the bottom of the wing structure. It is suitable to use in every space with the sliding glass system.

This new method has many advantages. It is possible to use remote control or the manual button, to position wing opening as desired.

Sensors to detect rain and wind as extra applications can be included in the system.

Even if you are in the area, guillotine automatically closes the glass window wing.

This removes the possibility of negative weather conditions destroying the place.

When the system is opened fully automatically, it is very suitable for the safety of children, disabled and elderly people.

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