• Tempered special glasses used in threshold sliding glass systems are specially reinforced with 8 mm or 10 mm.
  • The maximum height is between 2.5 - 3 meters. (2500 mm in outdoors and 3000 mm in interior)
  • Wing widths are maximum 1800 mm. (Application for each wing should not exceed 4 m2.)
  • System wings are applied with aluminum gaskets as special fittings. Silicone material is not used.
  • The m2 weight is 25-27 kg in the threshold sliding system.
  • Where ever wings are used without folding, it is a system suitable for applying all kinds of curtains.
  • Threshold sliding glass system that guarantees water insulation thanks to system evacuation system.
  • We can apply mosquito nets to our threshold systems.
  • It has a water evacuation feature, a corner chock is used and it can be applied without any mistake in aluminum.
  • It provides complete security thanks to the locks on the side flaps in the wings.
  • While the system works in all kinds of unsteady environments, the lower wheels are self-balancing.
  • There are application features in all types of spinning areas. (Except oval balconies)
  • The wings are pulled to each other by means of special pulling devices.
  • The system should be carried underneath for it is a threshold application and the load is on threshold.
  • In this system, wings can easily be taken by the user if requested. In this way, the life span of accessories in the system can be extended as well as being protected against malicious events in non-living spaces.
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